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A Romantic Trip To Venice

With its canals and iconic architecture, Venice has been the setting for thousands of romantic breaks over the years. Used as a backdrop in countless movies, books and other works of art, Venice is a superb city for people looking to experience the finer things in life, and anyone in search of a romantic break will find much here to enjoy. Whether a couple is interested in life’s cultural attractions, or is simply looking for a taste of ‘La Dolce Vita’, Venice should provide them with more than enough to stay busy.

Simply walking around the city and its iconic locations should be enough to get anyone’s romantic juices flowing. While locations such as the Bridge of Sighs and the Piazza San Marco are world famous, one of the most attractive walking routes in Venice is known as the Fondamenta delle Zattere. This route follows the Giudecca Canal, beginning at San Basilio and ending at Punta della Salute. An old customs house can be seen here, and the view, over San Marco bay to San Giorgio island and as far as the Lido, is difficult to beat.

The Bridge of Sighs may sound romantic, and has certainly become so over the years, with its beautiful Baroque decoration and Istrian stone. However, the bridge originally was used to transport prisoners from the Palazzo Ducale, the venue for trials, to the Piombi, Venice’s old prisons. The ‘sighs’ being made by the prisoners were certainly not of a romantic nature!

Venetian food is known for the seasonality of its ingredients, and a dinner for two in the city is something special. While the bacari, or ‘pubs’, offer tapas-like dishes known as ‘cichetti’, usually accompanied with an ‘ombra’, literally a ‘shadow’ but here a small glass of wine. The seafood dishes are superb, and the region is well-known for its risottos. A good place for a coffee break is Caffè Florian, one of Venice’s more famous venues. Located underneath the portico of the new Procuratie, this cafe has been going since 1720, and its interiors are stirring examples of 19th Century luxury.

A great focus for a trip to Venice is a visit to the opera or the ballet. One venue is the Gran Teatro la Fenice, recently reconstructed after a destructive fire. As a way of topping off a romantic weekend away, it is hard to beat.

Picture: gnuckx/ flickr.com

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