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Beautiful Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast is located in the province of Salerno in southern Italy, it is a stretch of coastline that attracts thousands of tourists annually. It is located on the relatively steep slope of the Sorrentine Peninsula. The layout of its landscape does not lend well to agricultural cultivation and the thirteen municipalities located along its coast are heavily centred around the tourism industry and tourist activities.

It’s no wonder that it attracts so many visitors, however. Its stunning coastal scenery set in a picturesque backdrop of lemon groves and sunshine keep on drawing the visitors back year on year. Its location allows tourists to undertake many excursions and get to know the area a bit better. An excursion to Pompeii is well worth considering. A violent eruption of Mount Vesuvious in AD 79 left the village and villagers buried and preserved in around five metres of volcanic ash until its discovery in 1749. Pompeii is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is Italys most popular tourist destination, drawing in around two and a half million visitors a year. The resort of Sorrento is also well worth a visit for those who want to sample the well known and delicious limoncello liqour that is made here. The especially large, sweet and fleshy lemons that grow in this part of Italy are what gives this local drink its famous ‘sunshiney’ taste. A bottle of limoncello makes an excellent souvenir or gift.
Also close by is the island of Capri, which has been a resort since the time of the Roman Republic, surrounded by beautiful seas and with a rich and interesting history, its well worth a visit. This was the island to which the Emperor Commodus, played by Joachim Phoenix in the well known film Gladiator, banished his sister Lucilla in 182 B.C. There are surely worse places to be banished to! (although Lucilla, was executed soon after). The island includes some fantastic natural wonders such as the Blue Grotto, as well as historical sites such as the Villa Damecuta, which was built by the Emperor Tiberius in the First Century.
Further inland from the coast, lies the village resort of Minori which is set in peaceful and picturesque surroundings All along this glorious coastline there are gems to be discovered and new pleaces to experience. Its climate is warm and pleasant all year round, even in winter. For the sun seekers, however, summer would be the best time to go as the temperature averages at around 30 celsius.


Picture: christine zenino/ flickr.com

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