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The Global Phenomenon of House Swapping

There is a new trend setting on the tourist market – house swap! From holiday villas in Italy, to holiday apartments in Beijing and holiday cottages in Selby, this trend is slowly becoming a global phenomenon. This puts the control in holidaymakers hands – by signing up to one of these websites that specialise in home exchanges, you offer your own property in exchange for a holiday of a lifetime in your ideal holiday destination.

The first glimpse of this type of home exchange appeared in the 2006 film ‘The Holiday’, where Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet exchanged their homes so that they could have the holiday they always dreamed of and to get away from the stresses of everyday life. This is clearly something that has developed over time recently with over 100,000 people taking part in these type of home swaps every year! With some websites offering holiday rentals in over 140 countries in their online catalogue, it offers consumers the chance of a cheaper holiday which appeals to a wide market in these tough economical times.

Holidaymakers who are interested in this type of swap have the advantage of having more room whilst on holiday in comparison with a stay in a hotel. Self catering means you can come and go as you please as well as cooking for yourself in the privacy of your own holiday home. It is often a better way to meet locals whilst on holiday as many of the apartments and homes are situated in residential areas of the cities, towns and villages.

One of the most important facts about these exchanges is that there is usually an annual fee that comes with the membership. This can range anywhere between £40- £80, although make sure you do a bit of research before you hand over any money as there are many hoax websites online. There are also of course other websites that specialise in all types of exchanges and swaps. From every kind of service and product available to exchange, if you are interested in learning about how these work, a lot of websites offer the basics in rules and regulations regarding such exchanges.

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