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Top Tourist Tips – Venice

Venice is a beautiful place and everyone deserves the opportunity to marvel at its beauty, regardless of whether you desire a luxury hotel or a more basic hostel.

Venice is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world, with its majestic architecture and breathtaking canals the entire city is a work of art. However, tourists should be prepared before they arrive as without some top tips, there budget require them to leave sooner than planned.

Where To Stay

There are numerous beautiful hotels located in the centre of Venice which offer the chance for a beautiful view as well as a great location. However, booking is advance should be a must as some of the last minute prices of such hotels are simply astronomical and while they are indeed beautiful but without being booked in advance they are most likely out of the price range of many. For those who may not have this option Venice also offers a wide selection of hostels and camping grounds in and around Venice. These are not only for youths and can still offer a great stay at a far more reasonable cost.


Buy A Map

Venice is designed to be seen and explored on foot. With the non-existence of cars and major roads, many believe they are forced into taking water taxis around the city. Whilst this in itself is a wonderful experience it is also very costly and before you know it the money may well have disappeared. Whilst a water taxi is a beautiful experience and should be recommended at least once, for general exploring getting around Venice simply buying a map and walking around is a more economic option and can be just as exciting as you explore the city by yourself. This options the door he the opportunity of finding some of the more authentic and local hotspots of the city, as water taxis often favour the more famous parts of Venice.


Eating And Drinking

Avoid the Piazza San Marco area the main square is very costly, regardless of whether you are looking for an evening meal or simply a quick drink to rehydrate. bars in venice will charge you extra to sit outside so if you just want a drink order it from inside the bar or simply buy it from a shop.


image: inventimo/ flickr.com

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