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Venturing To Italy During Winter

Soaked in culture and laden with attractions, Italy is the perfect choice for a magical winter getaway.

Italy is truly one of the most beautifully scenic of all the countries across the globe, and in the winter months the beauty is majorly exaggerated. Winter is an advisable time to visit Italy because the tourist crowds begin to die down, meaning you can enjoy your stay without the hustle and bustle of queuing for days out. If you are contemplating a journey to Italy in winter, take note of the recommended places to venture and why it would appeal to you.

What Climate To Expect When Visiting Italy In Winter

If you enjoy snowy destinations and cooler temperatures, then take a trip to Sicily, Sardinia or various areas of the southern mainland in Italy. These locations are relatively mild in climate and can range from considerably cold to majorly snowy in the northern mountains, providing a genuine wintery atmosphere. If you wish to move your destination to the well-known Italian landmarks such as Florence, Tuscany, Umbria and Venice then you are in for a treat, because these tourist destinations will often experience some snow in the winter months as well. Although these areas will sometimes get a dusting of snow, they can also sustain clear and crisp days. If this does not appeal to you and you want to delve straight into the coldest parts of Italy then plan your trip to the mountain ranges of the Alps, where you can participate in skiing and other outdoor sports.

Festivals & Events To Experience In Italy’s Winter Months

Of course, Italy is an outstanding and exotic destination to visit all year round, but winter time captures the highlights of all that there is to experience. With Christmas, New Years and the Carnevale season present during the winter months, fascinating events and festivals are celebrated. Journey to Viareggio and Venice for major festivals or take part in the Piazza Navona Christmas Market based in Rome throughout December. Countless nativity scenes and traditions take place in Italy from December to March, giving you plenty of time to partake in as many as possible. With earlier sunsets in winter, you will have the chance to see Italy blooming at night time. Not only are cultural events and beautiful sights consistent at this time of year, but hotel and flight prices are majorly discounted too.

Be sure to pack your clothes wisely for winter in Italy, because temperatures can get very chilly. Bear in mind that the majority of tourist attractions will be closed at this time however, you will have the opportunity to participate in other activities such as skiing and winter sports. Spot the winter discounts and plan your stay wisely for an unforgettable winter trip.

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