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Waiting for the spring in Calabria

Formerly known as Bruttium in antiquity, Calabria is Italys most south-westerly region. Located at the ‘toe’ of Italys ‘boot’, this extremity of the Italian peninsula is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian sea to the west and by the Ionian sea to the east. It is bounded to the island of Sicily to the south-west. The terrain of this long an narrow peninsula is best described as mountainous and hilly. Just over 40% of its total land area can be described as hilly, while around 50% of it can be deemed to be mountainous. Plains occupy the remaining 10%.

The three mountain regions are inhabited by various types of unique flora and forna. An example of which being the rare Bosnian Pine, a very tough evergreen that is resilient to strong winds and extreme cold. The Pollino National Park is home to these rare pines which grow most northerly mountain range, the Pollino Mountains. This mountain range is especially rugged and forms a natural barrier, seperating Calabria from the rest of Italy.

The mildness of the Campanian climate, the richness of its art and history, the breathtaking beauty of its coasts and its passion for food, make it the ideal tourism destination. The intense colours of the seas that surround it, are set within a spectacular backdrop of rugged rock faces. The islands of Capri and Ischia are not far away and are well worth a visit. These Mediterranean paradises are covered with lush vegetation and well worth a visit.

Cambria is a great place to spend any vacation, especially in spring. Gerace, an exquisite mountain town is located in the Aspromonte mountain range and has buildings still standing from 1045. Perfect for those who want to take in a bit of regional Italian history and archietecture. The town is beautifully preserved and rich in history. Pentidattilo offers breathtaking views of the countryside and is also home to a ski resort.


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